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The Dumb Waiter:

"With a strong cast and taut pacing, Director Mindy Childress nails Pinter’s sinister mix of absurd humor and suspense. She gets an Odd Couple Oscar-and-Felix chemistry out of a barking, sweaty Allen Branstein and nervous Andrew Narten. Their physical comedy with the on-stage dumbwaiter, as they try to fulfill bizarre demands for complex meals from unseen  customers, is funny without descending to sitcom shtick, and always keeps the tension up."  - Linda Eisenstein, Cool Cleveland

"The Dumb Waiter explores the dynamics of communication and worker/boss power games by focusing on two lower-class British hit men. The interchanges between the two characters are handled well by director Mindy Childress.” – Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene

“All three plays have merit, though only one The Dumb Waiter, about a pair of losers in a room somewhere in nowheresville who start receiving mysterious takeout orders from a creaky old dumbwaiter begins to approach the oddball zest of [Charenton's] Weltschmerz. The Dumb Waiter, directed with alacrity by Childress and performed with guile and grit by Allen Branstein (as a greasy Ben) and Andrew Narten (as a clueless Gus), makes the necessary connections so the audience can fully appreciate Pinter's disconnected landscape. " - Tony Brown, Cleveland Plain Dealer

AtTENtion Span: A Festival of 10-Minute Plays:

"A well-realized dyspeptic take on human relationships.... This dramatic obituary of hope and trust is skillfully directed by Mindy Childress Herman to mirror on a small scale the further collapse of Western civilization." - Keith A. Joseph, Cleveland Free Times

"My favorite is Blind Man’s Bluff, written by Steven Korbar and sensitively directed by Mindy Childress Herman. Filled with humor, intelligence and insight, the unexpected ending is heartbreaking.”– Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News

Spoon River Anthology:

"Live theater, in a graveyard. There's a paradox, courtesy of Charenton Theater Company. Director Mindy Childress chose 65 monologues from beyond the grave, leaning toward the starkly dramatic and laconically comical, and assigned them to 13 actors and two musicians for Charenton's "Cemetery Tour." The resulting 90-minute entertainment works, leaving the viewer with haunting images and a few things to mull over. The adaptation opens with the cast singing "Shall We Gather at the River" and closes with "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," giving the event a gospel, family feel.  While an actor is onstage doing his or her monologues, Childress has the other performers wandering in and out of tombstones, like lost souls. This adds a chilling, ethereal air. " Tony Brown, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Director Mindy Childress has the actors slowly approach the grave-studded stage from all sides, sending a chill up your spine even on a warm summer night. From there, the show hits many memorable high notes…." –Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene


“Though it’s barely a half-hour long, “Overtones” has more subtlety, keen observation, and depth than many full-lengths. It’s impeccably directed by Mindy Childress, with sharp contrasts between the women’s politely public, “feminine” behavior and their impassioned private selves.” - Linda Eisenstein, Cool Cleveland

“Director Mindy Childress keeps the four women clucking along smoothly as they finally manage to set a date to meet for a portrait sitting. And the last two lines, delivered by ego-woman and id-woman, respectively, say it all: “It’s been lovely.” “I hate you!” Christine Howey, Scene Magazine

The Santaland Diaries:

"Director Mindy Childress Herman nicely guides her soloist with intentionally lightly-held reins.” - James Damico, Cleveland Free Times

"A can't-miss satire of Christmas crazies, with just enough heart to make you wish there really were a Santa and a battalion of elves." - Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene

Holiday Hotline:

“A proudly neurotic, defiantly ramshackle, old-fashioned revue, made expressly for the delectation of those who revel in gaudy Christmas elves and Allan Sherman’s musical spoofs. Deftly tying all this chaos together, Mindy Childress directs with the ricocheting style of a pinball machine.” - Keith Joseph, Cleveland Free Times

"Director Mindy Childress kept the material moving along briskly. It's a hoot for the holidays, an indicator of what creative people can work up." - Cool Cleveland

"Holiday Hotline is a delicious new musical comedy revue, birthed right here in Cleveland...a fast-paced, high energy look at the madness that surrounds this time of the year. Mindy Childress keeps everyone on their toes with the fast-paced action." - Kelly Ferjutz, The Times

Lone Star: 

"Director Mindy Childress keeps the thing from running off the road.  It all adds up to a fun, brawling hour."  –Tony Brown, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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